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№5600N Sheet gasket

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Sheet gasket made of flexible graphite reinforced with aramid fiber. The gasket is flexible and easily fits target surfaces.

This packing is used for nuclear applications, to control chlorine ion concentration.

Main constituent materials

Graphite, aramid fiber, inorganic fiber, and organic binder


Operating temperature: -50 to +260°C
Operating pressure: 4 MPaG
Gasket factor (m value): 3.5 (t to 1.0), 2.75 (t1.5, 2.0), 2.00 (t3.0)
Minimum design seating stress (y value): 44.8 (t to 1.0), 25.5 (t1.5, 2.0), 11.0 (t3.0) N/mm2
Minimum seating stress (y value): 14.7N/mm2 (Water/oil fluid)
          39.2 (t to 2.0) N/mm2 (Gas fluid)
Chlorine ion concentration: 100 ppm or less

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Gaskets/Sheet gaskets

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