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Static pressure type dry gas seal

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Orifice seal
Non-contact type static pressure gas seal
Outside balanced rotary seal

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Non-contact type static pressure seal, structured to maintain a stable clearance of several micrometers to several ten micrometers between sealing faces, as gas pressure supplied to the stationary side sealing face via the orifice balances with the spring force. The “PEC-9RB” is a rotary outside balanced type seal that is considerably advantageous in cleanliness. For example, using a PEC type seal as a mixer upper seal is effective in preventing wear in dry contact type seals, and in preventing intrusion of sealing liquids with wet type double mechanical seals. Recently, “Non-metal PEC” has seen increased use in combination with resin lined vessels because it prevents metal ion elution.

Main applications

Powder processor seals, mixer top seals


Peripheral velocity (nominal size): 20 m/s max.
Machine internal pressure: 0.2 MPaG max.

Product category

Mechanical seals/Gas seals

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