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Seal product education and training at Sanda Technical Training Center

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Since the company’s foundation in 1924, based on the principle “ fluid leakage control technology,” we have offered unique high-quality products, including mechanical seals, gland packings, gaskets, and fluorocarbon polymers products (joints, pumps, valves, etc.). In terms of their material, design, and processing, these make use of PILLAR’s original fluid control technologies.
Most of these products have actively served in various fields, such as in power plants, oil purifying and chemical plants, ships, automobiles, and semiconductors, playing an important role as highly functional products.
Since 1995, we have offered various training at our Technical Training Center for customers handling our products, with the aim of upgrading customers’ technical skills. This training includes mechanical seal and gland packing mounting training, training with fluorocarbon polymers products (joints, pumps, valves, etc.), and lectures about individual products.
We ask that you consider utilizing our Training Center.


Main contents of lectures:
・ Mechanical seals
・ Gland packing and gaskets
・ Fluorocarbon polymers products (joints, pumps, valves, etc.)
Main practical training:
・ Assembling and installation of mechanical seals
・ Installation of pump packing
・ Practice of valve packing and gasket installation
・ Tightening torque calculation for gaskets/packing
・ Hydraulic pressure test

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