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Photocatalyst ceramics filter

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・ Si/Sic filter with photocatalyst (titanium oxide) securely supported on the outer surface.
・ Due to the effect of the photocatalyst, the filter exhibits antibacterial and antivirus characteristics, enabling decomposition of various harmful substances (organic substances).
・ This filter can be used for water purification, in addition to air purification.
・ We offer a wide spectrum of filters with different diameters to meet the intended flow rate and pressure loss.

Main applications

For antibacterial and antivirus applications
For air purifiers and water purification/drain water treatment plants


Bulk density: 0.13g/cm3
Porosity: 95%
Pore diameter: 2 mm max.
Pressure loss: 13.8 Pa (When wind velocity is 1.4 m/s)
Compressive strength: 1 MPa max.
Acetaldehyde eliminating ratio: 90% or more (conforming to JIS R 1701-2)

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