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№5003-NBR High-strength rubber sheet gasket with aramid fiber

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Rubber sheet gasket made of NBR reinforced with aramid staple fiber

Compared to general-purpose rubber sheet gaskets, this gasket provides higher pressure resistance, and less extrusion and stress relaxation.
This product conforms to Class 1 No. 1 under the JIS K 6353 rubber standard for water services.

Main constituent materials

NBR and aramid fiber


Operating temperature: -30 to +120°C
Operating pressure: 2.6 MPaG max.
Gasket factor (m value): 3.2 (t1.5), 2.5 (t3.0)
Minimum design seating stress (y value): 22.5 (t1.5), 19.6 (t3.0) N/mm2

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Gaskets/Sheet gaskets

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