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PILLAR LBP thrust bearing

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Thrust bearing

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The LBP curl bearing (radial bearing) is made of PILAFLON of excellent sliding characteristic that has been strongly bound to punched stainless steel, and curled into the shape of a bushing. It can be used as a thrust bearing when the base plate is formed to a specified shape. Since the base plate is made entirely of punched metal and PILAFLON without any epoxy resin adhesive, etc., it provides excellent chemical resistance. Also, the curl bearing can be used as a compact type non-lubrication bearing and sliding material, since the thin plate can withstand large loads.

Main constituent materials

PILAFLON H3 and stainless steel punching metal

Main applications

Valves, general industrial machinery


Allowable surface pressure: 70 MPa, temperature: -200°C to 200°C

Product category

Sliding material and seismic isolation products/Sliding materials, bearings

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