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PILLAR FLUOROGOLD™ slide bearing

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Sliding plate made of Fluorocarbon polymers bound to metal. This product can be used in various fields, mainly as seismic countermeasures for buildings, heat elongation countermeasures for plants, and equipment transportation measures.

Main constituent materials

PTFE, SUS304, SS400

Main applications

Expansion, stairs, corridors, connecting bridges, roofs, petrochemical plants


Design surface pressure: 6.85N/mm┣2┫
Bearing: PILAFLON (thickness: 2.4 mm)
Base: SS400 (thickness: 3.2 mm)
Coating of base metal part*: lead/chromium-free rust preventive coating (JIS K5674)
Mating sliding material: FLUOROGOLD or polished stainless steel plate
Operating temperature: -60°C to +200°C
* The above coating specifications apply when the base metal part is made with SS400.
* Material, thickness, and coating of the base metal part other than the above are also available. Please contact us for details.


Resin part: yellow
Base metal part: rust color (rust preventive coating)

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Sliding material and seismic isolation products/Sliding materials, bearings

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PILLAR Slide Bearing Series PILLAR FLUOROGOLD Slide Bearing


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