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AC insulation bolt

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For general-purpose use
PVdF lining type

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The PVdF insulation lining of the bolt exhibits excellent insulation characteristic, and stable corrosion resistance and weather resistance. FRP is used for the insulation washer, and a set of insulation bolt and gasket are used to prevent corrosion. With general insulation sleeve type gaskets, setup can be difficult if flange misalignment occurs. However, with the PILLAR insulation bolt, setup is easy because the insulation lining has the same diameter as the effective diameter of the thread.

Main constituent materials

Bolt, insulation lining (PVdF), insulation washer, hexagon nut, and plain washer

Main applications

Various pipes and connecting parts requiring insulation


Temperature: -60 to +120°C
Specific volume resistance: 0.5×10^14Ω・ cm
Dielectric strength: 10 kV/mm or more

Product category

Fluororesin products/Insulation bolts & gaskets

General Catalogs

PILLAR Insulation Material Series PILLAR AC Bolts (Insulation Bolts)


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