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№4432 Insulation gasket
PILAFLON™ PTFE jacketed gasket

Features / Specifications

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Lip type
Soft filler: FF type
Jacket: FF type

Product information

FF-type jacketed gasket structured as a PTFE disk of 1 mm thickness with an aperture in which to a soft filler is inserted.

Taking advantages of the chemical resistance of PTFE, sealability and elasticity of the soft filler, this gasket exhibits excellent performance.

Main constituent materials

PTFE and asbestos-free joint sheet

Main applications

Various pipes and connecting parts requiring insulation


Maximum pressure: 2.0 to 5.4 MPa, Temperature: -80 to +120°C, Gasket factor: 2.5 to 3, Minimum stress in tightening: 19.6 to 29.4N/mm2, Insulation resistance: 10^13Ω

Product category

Gaskets/Sheet gaskets
Fluororesin products/Insulation bolts & gaskets

General Catalogs

PILLAR Insulation Material Series PILAFLON PTFE Envelope Gasket


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