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PILAFLON™ gland seal unit

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This gland seal unit is based on rod packing for reciprocating machine, and is used as a shaft seal for large-size rotary machine such as dryers and kneaders. Mainly, this unit is used to seal powders and powder purging fluids. In comparison with shaft seals such as mechanical seals and gland packings, this gland seal is applicable to rotary machine in which larger shaft runout and shaft elongation are expected. Since the seal material comprises PILAFLON, it can withstand dry running. This unit can be used without contamination due to purity and lubricating characteristic.

Main constituent materials

Each PILAFLON product, metal case, and spring

Main applications

Rotary machine for powder


Maximum pressure: 0.1 MPa, maximum speed: 2.5 m/s, maximum temperature: 180°C

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Fluororesin products/Fluororesin sealing products

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