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PILAFLON™ slipper ring

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Seal for reciprocating equipment, featuring the self-lubricating characteristic of PILAFLON and the elasticity of an elastomer. It can be used as a piston seal in various applications with both hydraulic and pneumatic machines. For pneumatic machine, PILAFLON and an O-ring are used. For hydraulic machine, PILAFLON and a square ring are used.

Main constituent materials

Each PILAFLON product and elastomer

Main applications

Hydraulic machines, pneumatic machines


Maximum pressure: 2 Mpa (pneumatic pressure)/20.6 Mpa (hydraulic pressure), maximum speed: 0.5 m/s (pneumatic pressure)/2.0 m/s (hydraulic pressure), maximum temperature: 180°C

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Fluororesin products/Fluororesin sealing products

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