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№4001 Insulation sheet gasket
Low-creep PTFE sheet gasket

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Low-creep PTFE sheet gasket
With silica filler

Product information

Sheet gasket made of PTFE, in which silica filler has been dispersed and mixed by proprietary processing.
Taking advantage of the excellent characteristics of PTFE, this product improves the creep (cold flow) characteristic that causes problems when using gaskets.
This gasket provides high acid resistance.

Main constituent materials

PTFE and silica filler

Main applications

Various pipes and connecting parts requiring insulation


Maximum pressure: 8.3 MPa
Temperature: -210 to +260°C
Gasket factor: 2.5
Minimum stress in tightening: 19.6N/mm2
Insulation resistance: 10^9Ω


Light brown

Product category

Gaskets/Sheet gaskets
Fluororesin products/Insulation bolts & gaskets

General Catalogs

PILLAR Insulation Material Series Low-creep PTFE Sheet Gasket

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