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№2603 Spiral wound gasket

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With inner and outer rings
Filler material: PILLARFOIL™

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Spiral wound gasket with a flexible graphite tape filler

This gasket is advantageous in sealability, heat resistance and chemical resistance. It is applicable to various fluids, and ensures high reliability.

Main constituent materials

Graphite and various metals

Main applications

Water, steam, hot water, brine, seawater, petroleum hydrocarbon, alcohol, animal and vegetable oil, aromatic hydrocarbon, organic solvent, heat transfer medium oil, weak acid, weak alkali, saline solution, strong alkali, air, exhaust gas, combustible gas, toxic gas, hydrogen gas, ammonia, oxygen, ultra-low temperature fluid (liquidized gas, etc.)


Operating temperature range: -270 to 600°C (*)
Maximum operating pressure: 43.1 MPaG (Class 2500)
Gasket factor (m value): 3
Minimum design seating stress (y value): 68.9N/mm2
Minimum seating stress (y value): 39.2N/mm2
(*) 450°C or less when used under an oxidized atmosphere

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Gaskets/Spiral wound gaskets

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