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№2502LT-EOS Low tightening pressure type general-purpose thin gasket

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With outer ring
Filler material: Specially treated PILLARFOIL™ + inorganic fiber

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Spiral wound gasket of specially treated flexible graphite filler layered with inorganic filler and wound with stainless steel hoop.

This gasket ensures sufficient sealability at a tightening force equivalent to that for a sheet gasket, without the necessity of flange modification, bolt material changeover, etc. in the parts that have used conventional sheet gaskets.
This gasket can be used in high temperature ranges where conventional sheet gaskets are not applicable. It can be re-tightened after heat load is applied.

Main constituent materials

Graphite, inorganic fiber, and various metals


Operating temperature: -50 to +450°C
Operating pressure: 1.4 MPaG (JIS10K)
Gasket factor (m value): 2
Minimum design seating stress (y value): 25.5N/mm2
Minimum seating stress (y value): 29.4N/mm2

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Gaskets/Spiral wound gaskets

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